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Drain Cleaning

Need professional drain cleaning in NYC? We specialize in unclogging sink and shower drains. Say goodbye to slow drains and backed-up sinks. We’re your go-to experts for a smoothly flowing plumbing system.

Unclog Sink Drain

Is your kitchen sink or bathroom sink giving you trouble? Our NYC drain cleaning service specializes in unclogging sink drains. Swift, efficient, and hassle-free – we'll have your sink back to normal in no time.

Unclog Shower Drain

Don't let a clogged shower drain or bathtub drain ruin your day. Our NYC experts are here to help. We provide fast, reliable solutions to unclog shower drains, ensuring refreshing showers every day.

Hydro Jetting Expertise

For the toughest drain blockages, we offer hydro jetting services in NYC. Say goodbye to stubborn clogs and buildup. Hydro jetting is a powerful, environmentally friendly way to keep your drains clear and flowing smoothly.

  • Sinks, Lavatory
  • Toilets, Watercloset
  • Tub, walkin shower

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  • 347-726-5204
  • diligentmechanical@gmail.com

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